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The Royal Playroom

- Are you worthy of becoming the queens royal guards?

Greetings and welcome to the Royal Playroom. For more than a 100 years this room was used by kings and queens to be when they were still children.

But one king to be was robbed off his fate and he has haunted the playroom ever since. Even when decades after his disappearance when the queen moved in to his playroom he would not let her be. Now it is time to prove your worth by solving a mystery and become the queens royal guards.

Know before booking The Royal Playroom:
- There will be flashing lights

- You will be in small rooms

- There will be short times with darkness

- You will have to crawl and walk through tight places (60 cm wide) that do not fit every guest.

- The door is always unlocked so you can leave at any time.


Players: 2-3

Price: 350 kr per person

We recommend a minimum age of 16.


Scare factor


60 min

If you have questions or speciel needs, let us know

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Er I mere end 6 personer og vil spille samtidig?

Vores escape rooms er designet til at kunne håndtere maksimalt 6 personer. Er I flere end 6 personer vil vi anbefale jer at booke begge vores spil på samme tid og at I derved deler jer op i 2 grupper. Vi kan derved håndtere helt op til 12 personer på samme tid.
Har I brug for at booke begge vores spil på samme tid, kontakt os her.