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The newest and best escape room in central Copenhagen. 

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Insanely cool Escape Room! Incredibly accomplished - you are really being challenged to explore clues and think creatively!

— RolfGR

Four and a half rating on trustpilot


Awesome !!! Good riddles and clues, difficult, but not too difficult. We completed the Royal Mystery, with very little help. We were 4 people, and were all completely carried away by the atmosphere. It is beautifully staged, ranging from props, puzzles, decor to sound and music. But I won't reveal too much either :-) Can definitely recommend it!

— Emilie Heckmann

Royal Escape rooms

We have 3 amazing escape rooms ready for you.

The Royal Cabinet

Is the Queen really who she claims to be? Should someone else be sitting in her throne? Should it be you? Solve the mystery that has been kept a secret for generations and take the throne and the crown jewels before time runs out and the guards return.

The Royal Dungeon

In a botched attempt to steal the crown jewels and prove you are the rightful heirs to the throne you are now being held in the dungeon for eternity. Can you solve the clues other inmates have left for you and escape while the guards take a break?

The Royal Playroom

For more than a 100 years this room was used by kings and queens to be when they were still children.

But one king to be was robbed off his fate and has haunted the playroom ever since.

Alice's Escape from Wonderland

Alice is missing. Or is she...?
Take a trip through a whimsical adventure in Lewis Carrolls story that suits all ages.

This game is at Reberbanegade 3 (Amager Centret).

For friends, bachelor parties, families and companies

We can take of most of your needs for an exciting experience at our location right next to the Marble Church in the center of Copenhagen. And with a metro station as our neighbour it is really easy to come here aswell. And explore the city afterwards, if you escape...

The newest, most exciting and maybe best escape rooms in Copenhagen

Our escape rooms are newly renovated and are located in the heart of Copenhagen. We make an effort in keeping the price low and the experience unforgettable.

You will also be able to have a drink and snacks before and after a game.