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Why chose our escape room?

Our escape rooms are mystery rooms, breakout rooms, live escape games, puzzle rooms and riddle rooms. Dear child has many names. But it is basically the same. You have a certain amount of minutes to escape a room by solving mysteries and riddles, together with your team.

Royal Escapes is the perfect place to start your bachelorette party, take your colleagues for a night out or just have a great time with your loved ones while surrounded by mystery, thrills and excitement. We have 3 escape rooms at Royal Escapes. The Royal Mystery where you must solve the queens mysterious riddles and find the crown jewels, the Royal Dungeon where you have been captured beneath the queen's castle and must free yourself before time runs out, and the last escape room the Royal Chambers. Expect a lot of hair-raising excitement. Whichever escape room you choose.

Is Royal Escapes better than the escape rooms?

Royal Escapes is no better than the others. And the others are no better than Royal Escapes. It's personal taste. Some will find our escape rooms eerie or too difficult, while others will think that they are the best experiences they have had in a long time.
We always try to aim to be the best, most ingenious, logical, challenging and cheapest of all escape rooms in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

What makes our Escape Rooms special is that we also specialize in the royal. Our game is located right by Amalienborg and right next to the Marble Church and the metro station. It makes the atmosphere special and more royal. And you will also experience this.

The story is key. And you will take part in it.

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We have an overall rule when designing our escape rooms. And that's the story. We make a huge effort to keep our guests in the illusion that they are cut off from reality and that the environment they are moving in is real. Therefore, there will always be a meaning to the riddles that the characters in the story have made. There will not be a smartphone riddle in our medieval dungeon or a book in the Queen's library that she herself would not read and put on the bookshelf. Thereby the story is told as if it were the real one. And sometimes it's not just fiction. Often, our riddles and escape rooms have been inspired by real events. But always with mysterious and exciting storytelling in the forefront.

What is an escape room?

The purpose of an escape room lies in its name. Get locked in, or break into a room and solve the tasks before time runs out.

It is a great experience for friends, family and colleagues. Either for bachelorette parties, birthdays, team building or just a good night out with friends. We will do our utmost to give you a unique experience in the heart of Copenhagen.